Home kitchen design – The Best Ideas And Solutions For A Stylish Interior

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Home kitchen design - the best ideas and solutions for a stylish interior

Basically, the design of the home kitchen should prepare the person for delicious food, comfortable rest and friendly communication. To realize the most optimal project, you need to look at the best forms of the layout of the room and know all the appropriate styles before purchasing furniture sets.

How to decorate the kitchen of a private home?

In urban housing, homeowners are often in a small world with their equipment and household appliances abruptly. In most apartments the builder allocates little space in the kitchen, and in Khrushchevs it usually occupies 4-5 meters. In a private house, a completely different approach is needed to solve the problem of room design. For example, a kitchen in a log home may have a real stove or a wood-burning fireplace, which greatly affects the overall interior decor of this complex building.

The differences between the layout of the kitchen in a private home:

  1. The kitchen room in their own home, the owners are given more space, it is almost always equipped with two and more windows.
  2. In the private sector, people build buildings at their own discretion, often using unusual structures, creating home kitchen designs, often to make key decisions.
  3. The location of the workplace takes into account the additional elements of the interior, which is not in the apartments – a fireplace, stove, brick plate with stove, air window.
  4. The communication system is at the discretion of the owners.

Kitchen-living room in a private home

Combined Kitchen- Living room in a wooden house or a spacious brick floor has incredible advantages. In this plan the owners will find a bright and spacious room, where it is convenient to arrange a family feast with guests. The kitchen-living room is constantly used in fashion and many styles, so this interior option looks quite modern.

Strategies for delimiting zones in the kitchen-living room:

  1. The kitchen design in a private home can be distinguished by an original architectural detail of a shared room – an arch, columns, supports or a system of beams
  2. Arrange the kitchen on a low podium.
  3. Use for home floor kitchen design from other material
  4. Divide the kitchen space and living room area with the help of a beautiful suspended ceiling design or its own lighting system.
  5. A bar rack and other dimensional furniture have an atmospheric application.

Home kitchen-dining room – design

Combined with the dining room kitchen in a country house – a popular and practical option. In this case, there is no need for food for a separate room, there is no need to transfer products from a separate room along the door. To leave more space for the dining area, it is recommended to place the workspace in a line or L-shaped manner.

Using the built-in storage system, you can get extra ellipses to keep the kitchen fried, household appliances and other things. If we have room for imagination, it is possible to use the parallel design of the kitchen at home. In this case, the kitchen set material is installed in two rows along the opposite walls of the room, and the dining table occupies a respectable place in the middle of the room.

Kitchen in the bay window of the house

Having extra space in the shape of a semicircular or multicolored area that is glossy along the perimeter, hosts get a well-organized place to install a dining table, a soft corner or home furniture. For example, under the windows you can place foundation pedestals, and use window seals as a work area. The kitchen interior of a private home with an air window differs from the original look, easy to divide into zones.

Walk-through kitchen in a private home

Building two or more doors leading from boundaries and adjoining rooms creates many problems for homeowners. To reduce the inconvenience we need to consider the most effective and efficient ideas for home and kitchen. It is advisable to place the dining table near the existing window and illuminate the working space with electrical appliances.

Separation of functional areas in the kitchen:

  1. Kitchen set parallel arrangement.
  2. Allocation of workspace kitchen island
  3. Roof decor on dining area stucco and sticky chandeliers.
  4. Zone boundaries by a decorative partition on the ceiling
  5. Throw the kitchen space floor with a tile or a laminate in a contrasting shade
  6. Set the table so that it visually closes the space in the kitchen area.

Kitchen design in a wooden house

The wooden walls within themselves are a nice decoration, which need not be hidden from view. The exception is the old building with an old building, where decoration does not help repair. In this case, applying a wall and ceiling clapboard, there is an excellent option for preserving the wooden finish. The kitchen in the bar house will look more attractive if you catch the strip painted with “clean” bare wood.

The design of the kitchen in a house made of wood can be different with a well-organized decoration of tiles or stones. A common option – the floor in a room facing apron with tiles for gzhel is better built from a planned board, as an alternative, you can consider a quality laminate. In a modern home, communication cannot be dispensed with. To hide the wires and pipelines on the roof in the work area, dry panels are used which are arranged according to the final stage design.

Kitchen with a stove in a private home – design

The stove of classical design has its own design features, which are basically limited to the list of materials used for the finish. Do not forget that we must take special care and follow the rules to operate this heater open fire. Another important condition is the ability to accurately capture this overall design internally, so that it integrates seamlessly with the installed furniture.

Tips for decorating the kitchen with stove:

  1. Room with a large stove does not look comfortable, you should choose cool paint in the main finish.
  2. The kitchen in a private home with a stove should not be cluttered with wild furniture, the use of shallow cabinets in an environment and hinged loose.
  3. A large stove can turn off the natural light, you need to take care of the extra lighting of the work area.
  4. Wall and ceiling structures are preferred in single keys, a good option for a village house is to use lining or block houses.
  5. Between the furnace space is best to be equipped with floor tiles in the vicinity of the work area, a board or tail is suitable for the dining area.
  6. The stove is lined with bricks, ceramics, tiles, stone tiles depending on the style.

The kitchen in the village house

For the interior of the kitchen in a country house, you need to determine exactly the choice of village style, because each aspect is famous for its original features. Romantic Provence, for example, is essentially unlike the brutal singing farm. The use of natural materials in the decoration, a slight negligence is allowed, it is able to emphasize the rural flavor. Given special space accessories, it is difficult to replicate the cozy atmosphere of a village house without retro tools, canes, mesh containers and embroidered textiles.

Different types of rustic designs:

  1. Provence;
  2. American countries;
  3. Rustic design of English pattern;
  4. Scandinavian rustic design;
  5. Russian country;
  6. Alpine chalet.

Design a small kitchen in a private home

There are two options for an uncomfortable small kitchen – a narrow and square house. An elongated shape creates the biggest problem, limiting movement comfort and optimal choice of furniture. To use U-shaped and L-shaped formats it is best to place the object of the situation along a blind wall. A small kitchen in a private home will be more spacious if you buy low-depth thumbs with lockers and retractable storage compartments and sliding doors. Instead of gorgeous curtains, it makes more sense to open the blinds and roller.

Kitchen decoration in a private home

The type of decoration of the kitchen room is influenced by several factors – the taste of the manor and the face of the building. The interior design can be placed in the area where the palace is located, specific historical events that took place in the previously given area. Try decorating the interior of the kitchen with a single key in another premises in a private house, so that it looks normal in the architectural wardrobe.

A modern style kitchen-living room in a home

The most popular type of modern design is the kitchen interior of the house in the form of a spacious studio room. In this version, we combine the workspace into a relaxation area, but we find an incredible space for family vacations and for welcoming guests. Special attention should be paid to a detailed exhaust system to reduce the possibility of food-making odors. The best option for a modern kitchen for rooms with an ideal layout – an interior with a bar counter or a stylish kitchen island .

Kitchen in a private home in a classic style

The question of how to decorate the kitchen in the most perfect way in a private home, classical design is often used. The interior is decorated with natural colors, natural materials are used for decoration. A new elite set of wood with carved structures, using old technology, or restored furniture will suit you. Lighting devices – traditional chandeliers and sconces, metal lighting with mesh parts. Hoods, cats, ovens and other equipment, standing still, should have a retro design.

Provencal kitchen at home

Country-based cuisine is made in moving colors – lavender, olive, mustard, wheat, blue and turquoise. It is used in finishing stone, coarse plaster, metal material furniture we choose antique from natural wood. Textiles should be selected from linen, fabric in a cage, with floral type, napkins with lace. Do not forget about small trinkets – baskets, pots, painted with landscapes, porcelain dishes, flowers.

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