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Marble Stairs – A Great Design Element



Marble Stairs - A Great Design Element

Before stair marble viewers around seems like a grand design element, which is mainly due to the natural beauty of the material itself.

It is able to emphasize the aesthetics of the interior, if floral motifs and geometric elements are framed. In addition, a large number of colors and texture of the marble makes it possible to create real masterpieces.

Thanks to the material, it can produce not only beautiful, but also quite durable designs. Marble stairs can rightly be considered the most popular among the designs of exquisite materials.

If the products are made by the rules, then there is the guarantee that after a long period of time the construction will not lose its aesthetic qualities. marble stairs are able to easily transfer extreme temperatures, exposure to ultraviolet radiation and severe mechanical loads.

In addition, she is not afraid of excess moisture, which harms some other materials. It can be argued that nature has taken care of the resistance to its natural phenomena and endowed marble’s wonderful characteristics.

Any marble staircase with steps of the same material, can be safely considered with high strength construction and has a long lifespan.

If the steps used are one-piece stone, the operational period will be calculated even tens and hundreds of years. And there is plenty of evidence in the architecture of our planet.

In some cases, the fact that they did not seam is necessary in the process. Then apply special bill design plates, the size of which is determined by the size of the stairs.

However, most marble stairs are finished using special cladding panels. An interesting fact is that the lining is made in all stairs.

Safety The presence of supporting handrails features in the form of posts or balusters is highly dependent. If they are made of marble, each interior is supplemented with originality and refinement. In addition, the material is not afraid of excess moisture, so the surface of the product is unlikely to ever present mold or fungus.

In any case, marble stairs should be made by specialists. They promptly prepare the necessary project, but will also give advice on the future design style. Only a professional can give the room a unique look thanks to a combination of stone colors depending on the incident light.

Installation of such stairs is associated with the strengthening of the overall construction of heavy, plays an important role in terms of period of use, and should be given the utmost attention. At the last stage, polished marble, which requires special skills and tools. For its end an aesthetic component ladder will depend.

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