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Outdoor Design – Design Options For Facades



Outdoor Design - Design Options For Facades

Everyone has a natural desire to take care of their housing. It is very important not only to preserve and maintain cleanliness within the home, but also to take care of the exterior of the building. The design of the outdoors says a lot: the nature of the owners, financial situation, reflecting style choices.

If it has been decided that the facade of the house needs updating or development of the desired new building design, the important point is the choice of finishing materials. However, the important point is the style definitions. Most homeowners are inclined to the classic version.


Design in a private exterior house in the classic version will not be popular and banal. The style is always present, and will occupy a leading position. The main feature of the design is the clarity of forms, strictly respecting proportions. Each feature should be developed separately and deeply thought-out, which should be remembered about the integrity of the picture.

Clear boundary walls, the triangular roof, flat roof space – all this is the classic, cushioning that gladkostrukturnye finishing materials.

House in a classic style is always proportionate. Door and window openings carried out in accordance with clear standards developed for a particular building. Their shape is in most cases sharp corners (square or rectangle), at least Exercise round window shapes.

Classic is highly malleable. Decoration of facades in the style involves the use of any siding building materials, wooden beams, bricks, tiles, plaster, stones and so on.

Depending on the lining of each house will have its own character and give tenants the corresponding emotions.


Exterior Design House with facade plaster design wall is very popular among today’s property owners. Building material market offers a wide palette of different colors and types of materials. Each of them has its own characteristics.

Decorating the walls with silicone plaster, you can not only achieve the desired exterior in order to increase elevation, but also protect the insulation from the effects of harmful environmental factors: rain, snow, wind. The main benefits of using the following stand out:

  1. High level vozdohopronitsaemosti. This allows the structure not to accumulate in the walls of excess moisture, so there will always be inside the room to stay dry.
  2. Durability. With the ability to withdraw excess moisture plaster surfaces for a long time to maintain the original shape, and the material does not osypletsya from the walls.
  3. Easy to clean. If the surface is dirty, it can be easily cleaned. It is enough to pour over the walls of water or wait for rain.
  4. Service life – more than 20 years.
  5. Resistance to salt and chemical elements.

A more expensive option is plaster – lime facade. It is a price index they offer because of the following characteristics:

  • high level of resistance to physical stress and exposure to chemicals;
  • it accumulates heat inside and creates an additional level of noise absorption;
  • it goes well, and outputs the pair;
  • resistance to extremes of humidity and temperature.

If the building is designed as an art object, architecture is complex, it is better to use acrylic plaster. She has a high level of ductility and easily fills even the hardest to reach areas. Because its moisture resistance is great for decorating the walls covered with polystyrene foam, however, it excessively absorbs the dust, which is a disadvantage. Approximate service life – 20 years.

When it is necessary to execute the budget and faces, you should pay attention to mineral plaster. It has a wide range of advantages, but it is much cheaper than its competitors, due to the almost complete lack of ductility. Length of Service – more than 10 years, then the content can start to crack.

Note that, regardless of plaster or selection, the length of the finishing work is carried out in a well-established positive temperature.


Beautiful finishing material for finishing cottages. The main advantage of high siding is fire resistance (it does not burn, but melts). Due to the high demand of the manufacturers to assemble not only plastic but also vinyl, wood and metal materials.

According to the technical features, the siding is not much different from the plaster. It is also resistant to physical shock, and expels the moisture inside heat accumulates. Impressive service life and 50 years, despite the fact that the installation can be carried out without the participation of master teams.

Natural materials are always highly valued, so developing and designing the wooden house from the outside is not easy and not cheap. But do not give up on the dream. A great alternative to wooden siding stands. It is made in different colors and drawing, repeating a section of a tree.


In advanced European countries, houses and office buildings are often veneered and tiled. The material is quite expensive, but it helps realize any design ideas. The right choice of one of four types of materials will do the trick, and facade design tiles will help the home stand out among hundreds of typical buildings.

Tile-like paving with decorative stone. In its publication using special technology singeing clay at temperatures above 1300 degrees. It contains no salt, and a basic material – Slate paper.

Terracotta is quite familiar and enjoys increasing popularity in the decoration of country cottages. The basic production material is kaolin clay, and it is baked at a temperature of 1000 degrees.

Budget is just concrete tiles. Due to the cheapness of raw materials (cement, quartz sand, additives), their value does not exceed the average price range and different textures and colors.

And last but not least, a well-known type of material – stoneware tiles. It consists of a mixture of clay, silica sand, and various additives.


Houses made of bricks or facades, made in the design of the brick, are the most durable, beautiful and resistant to harmful effects. The material used for cladding facades is often wooden buildings. Today it is considered one of the most expensive

Design of the exterior brick house is really a royal look. Expensive, stylish and luxurious – these words are perfect for describing the exterior of the building.


If necessary, one can independently develop a design house outside of any material. To make this easier to do, it is possible to adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. Create a sketch on paper (what you want to get in the end).
  2. Creating projects (wall measurements, budgeting).
  3. Preparing for tiling (Project approval was created and cost estimates prepared).
  4. Finishing work (embodied in the world of the sketch created in the first step).

Before you decide to self-develop the design of the facade, it should be wise to assess their capabilities.

In most cases, this job is best left to a team of professional designers and artisans to complete Filling.

Developing and exercising their own design of the house from the outside is possible, but for the first project it was a small building, which had the strength to cope with even the layman.

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