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Types of kitchen



Types of kitchen

After wooden kitchens have been the most popular for many years, different materials have recently appeared and are competing strongly with wooden kitchens such as kitchens, cladding, acrylic, etc., which may make you feel confused and make you wonder which types of home kitchens are suitable for you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them? So if you are dear to buy a new kitchen, before making the decision and continue reading this article to learn about the best types of kitchens

Types of kitchen

choosing the right kitchen for you does not depend on choosing the color or material only, but the most important factor if you are planning your kitchen is the optimal use of spaces, especially with small kitchens, and for this there are many basic designs that take into account the spaces of different

kitchens, and these types are

1.Parallel kitchen:also known as a ship’s kitchen, it is more like a ship’s cabin dedicated to cooking, as the built-in kitchen units are placed on the sides, so the corridor in the middle is the space available for use, it is a suitable design for small kitchens, narrow spaces and rectangular kitchens, units can be placed on the side, stove, refrigerator and sink in the side The other one or its distribution according to your desire, and if you prefer the idea of ​​a parallel kitchen, we advise you, dear, to pay attention to lighting and choose light colors that suggest more space.

Parallel kitchen


2.One wall kitchen: From the name you can imagine the appearance of the kitchen, as kitchen units and cabinets are installed on one wall, as well as the sink, cooker and refrigerator with distribution as desired, and it is suitable for modern apartments or studio apartments with small spaces, as it provides a good space for movement.

One wall kitchen 

3.U-letter kitchen:also known as a horseshoe kitchen, where kitchen units and appliances are distributed on three walls, and it is suitable for kitchens with large spaces, and many kitchen units can be used in it, which gives you room to store tools.

U shaped kitchen

4 L-letter kitchen: It is ideal for small kitchens and narrow spaces , as you can distribute units and appliances on two walls according to your personal taste, as for the remaining space, you can put a small table for dinner, or a separate unit in the middle with storage drawers and a marble for preparing food, which is known as “the island unit” For its average location with the kitchen.

L shaped kitchen


5.Kitchen island:This design depends on the presence of a unit in the middle with drawers for storage with additional marble that will help you in preparing food or making pastries, with kitchen units and appliances distributed on four walls, and you can put the sink or flat cooker in the unit that is in the middle of the kitchen to save space for other purposes, and this The design is suitable for large kitchens and allows you to conveniently store tools due to the large area.

6.The G Letter kitchen:also known as the peninsula kitchen, here the kitchen is not distributed on the four walls completely, but on three complete walls and part of the fourth wall to install a door in the remaining space, and it is also suitable for the design of the American kitchen, in which the kitchens are open to the living room Or the hall, as units and devices are distributed on three walls and a unit with marble is placed to separate the kitchen from the room, while leaving space for entry and exit, and is distinguished from the island kitchen by providing more space in the middle, allowing you to move freely.

The G Letter kitchen

Now learn about the types of kitchens according to the materials, and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them

Wood kitchen

wood kitchen

Wood is still the preferred choice for many, as it carries an elegant classic character, and gives the kitchen a warm and natural touch, so in terms of shape, wooden kitchens carry a special elegance, and among the

Advantages of wood kitchens are:

  • Classic elegant look.
  • Unlike metal kitchens,
  • heat is not trapped inside the kitchen.
  • Ease of changing or painting damaged units.

Disadvantages of wood kitchens:

  • Moisture absorption.
  • High cost.
  • It is difficult to clean, especially if there is a build-up of grease.
  • Grow more fungi and insects compared to metal kitchens.

 Alumetal kitchens

Alumetal kitchens

Alumetal kitchen is a great choice for your kitchen if you prefer modern designs, especially since you can design it in shapes that reflect your personal character, as well as its various colors, ranging from vibrant and cheerful colors to classic colors, and it can also be designed with different patterns, giving you a wide range of choices.

Features of Alumetal Kitchens:

  • It is light and thus can be moved easily.
  • Ease of cleaning. Average price.
  • Variety of colors and designs.
  • Not flammable.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Does not cause unpleasant odors.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Not a good environment for insects.

Disadvantages of alumetal kitchens:

  • Easy to break,
  • especially the hinges.
  • Lose their luster over time.
  • Sharp edges.
  • They retain heat, which causes the kitchen to overheat, especially in cramped spaces.

Khishmonium kitchens

khish monium kitchen design

These kitchens are distinguished by their combination of the advantages of wood and alumetal, as they carry the elegance of the appearance of a wooden kitchen, but with a similar material to alumetal that is more durable.

Features of Khashmonium Kitchen:

  • Elegant appearance.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Diversity of designs.
  • It is not a good environment for insects to grow.
  • Rust resistant. Moisture proof.

 Disadvantages of Khichmonium cuisine:

  • The high cost.
  • The hinges are often not durable, as is the case in Alumetal kitchens.

Acrylic kitchens

Acrylic kitchens

It is one of the newest and most popular types of kitchens recently thanks to its elegant appearance, as acrylic gives its surface a shiny look that gives the kitchen a luminous and elegant touch, and it is manufactured by pressing acrylic panels on artificial wood, to give it protection from external factors, and acrylic kitchens can be designed in different shapes And a variety of colors to suit both modern and classic designs.

Advantages of acrylic kitchens:

  • Shiny, elegant appearance.
  • A wide range of colors, patterns and designs.
  • It retains its shine for many years.
  • Moisture and scratch resistant.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Insect Resistant.

Disadvantages of acrylic kitchen:

  • The high cost.
  • Requires constant cleaning, the glossy surface makes fingerprints, dirt, dust and stains easy to see.
  • It should be chosen from a trusted location, as there are many adulterated acrylic panels that have the same appearance as the original acrylic.

In the end, there is no need to feel confused, dear, although the types of home kitchens are many and varied, you can choose easily as long as you know the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, just study your kitchen area well, and choose the design that provides you with the largest space, and the appropriate material for your budget, use and personal taste

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